The CelloStone™

Your Compact Cathedral


Professional cellists find that the CelloStone allows the cello greater dynamics, brings out the solo voice, and allows the cello to blend more smoothly with quartets or small chamber groups. Additionally, professional cellists find that the bow moves easier and initiates faster. View our Testimonials.

The CelloStone is a pair of travertine tiles matched to each other and then matched to the cello.  This allows the CelloStone to select and dissipate the specific interfering energy found in that cello. See Music of CelloStone for more details.

CelloStones remove the interfering energy which causes the wolf note and a vibration on the strings.  With the interfering energy gone, the cello’s voice is clearer and it is easier to control the dynamics. Learn more about the Science of CellStone.

In order to get the most from your Cello, there is an optimal set-up. One of the easier adjustments is to clamp the endpin at the resonant point. This means that the endpin must be sized so that the clamp point for the cellist is also the resonant point of the endpin. See how to find the resonant point and how to size the endpin to the cellist in Endpin Resonance. The CelloStone works best when the endpin is clamped at the resonant point.

CelloStones are fragile even though they are rocks. Please see Use and Care for more information.

If you want to experience a smoother feel to the bow, not have to “dance with your wolf” and have your cello sound like you are in a cathedral, then you want to Purchase a CelloStone.


The CelloStone™ - US Patent # 8,735,702. Patent issued on May 27, 2014.

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